Planning on studying abroad? Learning a foreign language? Attending KU as an international student?  The Global Awareness Program (GAP) certificate is for you!!

Combining courses, study abroad, and on-campus cultural activities, GAP expands your worldview and resume. The free undergraduate certificate is an easy way to highlight your experience with and respect for other cultures. GAP offers workshops each semester to help you better articulate your international experiences. By linking your experiences with key professional attributes, you will learn how to leverage your unique skill set on your résumé and in interviews.

Complete two-out-of-three components to earn the certificate. Earn GAP with Distinction by completing all three -- academics, on-campus activities, and international experience. By registering for GAP early in your college career, you can track your progress on the three components.

Complete 2 components for the certificate.  Complete all 3 to earn GAP with Distinction!

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