There are a variety of ways to go abroad again after you graduate.

Participate in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. (Application process begins your junior year.)

Join the Peace Corps.

Teach English Abroad.

Central European Teaching Program
French Teaching Assistant Program
Language and Cultural Assistants in Spain
Princeton in Asia
U.S. State Department English Language Fellows

Short-term work abroad (less than one year) include positions such as au pairs, farm workers, hotels services, clerical assistants, or youth camp leaders.

Alliance Abroad (work, teach & volunteer opportunities)
American–Scandinavian (intern, work, & teach programs)
British Universities North American Club (work/intern assistance)
Interexchange (work & teach programs)
USIT Ireland (work, teach & volunteer assistance)
AIESEC (internship assistance)
Cultural Vistas (internship opportunities)
CIS Abroad (internship opportunities)

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