In partnership with the University Career Center and the Office of Study Abroad, GAP offers workshops each semester to help you better articulate your international experiences. By linking your experiences with key professional attributes, such as leadership and teamwork, you will learn how to leverage your unique skill set on your résumé and in interviews. These skills and competencies set you apart in a competitive job market and enhance applications for graduate school and fellowships.


Marketing your International Experience

Wednesday, September 27
4:00-6:00 pm • Office of Multicultural Affairs Classroom
Unpack your international experience and learn how to leverage it for a Job Interview. Food will be provided! Space is limited. Please reserve your spot by emailing


In our workshops, you will identify the skills gained and knowledge acquired through your international experiences. We will help you articulate your international experience in relevant and meaningful ways to prospective employers.

Additional Tips

  1. Catalog your courses, professional experience, language skills, cross-cultural skills, and other development from your international experience.
  2.  Focus on the skills you gained professionally and academically, not the experience itself.
  3. Make an appointment with the University Career Center (UCC) to determine the best layout for your resume. (Should you list all your international experiences under one heading for greater impact or list them under individual sections, such as "education" and "skills"?)
  4. Research the position and the company and tailor your résumé to meet the employer's needs.


Cover Letters

The cover letter is an opportunity to demonstrate your value added to the organization. What unique capabilities can you bring to the position? What can you deliver? While you should highlight skills and experiences that prove your qualifications, do not regurgitate your résumé. Expand upon on it, showcasing why you are an excellent fit for the position. Share accomplishments that show how you can address the challenges faced by the organization.

Additional Tips

  1. Why are you applying for THIS position?  Demonstrate enthusiasm for and knowledge of the position and company.
  2. Include transferable skills, such as leadership skills, cultural awareness, foreign language proficiency, and problem-solving abilities.
  3. Have a mentor or UCC staff review your cover letter. Does it sell you as a great person for the job?
  4. Keep it under a page.



Make a list of the skills required for the job. Identify specific examples where you displayed these abilities. Describe the situation, task, action, and result. Develop a few stories that highlight your major accomplishments and challenges. These stories will strengthen your responses and showcase relevant professional skills — leadership, cultural awareness, teamwork, etc.

Additional Tips

  1. Practice potential interview questions.
  2. Research history, mission and values, and recent projects of organization.
  3. Prepare questions for interviewers.
  4. Send a handwritten thank-you note.


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