Why choose GAP?

Create a 1- to 2- minute video that focuses on why you participated in GAP. Earn up to 4 hours with a quality video and well-told story.

Not sure what to talk about? Here are some prompts. You do not have to answer all the questions.  

Tell us about a moment of discomfort that encouraged you to grow as a global citizen. How did it change you?

Introduce someone you met outside of your own nationality or culture. What did you learn from this person?  Did you struggle to explain any parts of your culture?

Have any of your values or beliefs changed as a result of your experiences?

Whether in classes, activities, or abroad, what were some of your Expectations vs. Reality?

What advice would you give new GAP students about the program?

How has GAP enhanced your KU experience?



Honorah Maggio, an Economics and Global and International Studies major, explains how GAP has added to her time at KU.



It doesn’t have to be perfect, but your storyboard should communicate what your plans are. Sketch scenes and some notes about what type of shot/image you intend to use to move the story forward. 

Writing a script is similar to writing a story or writing an essay. It needs a beginning, middle, and end. For this video your script should be around 250 words long. Have friends read it to make sure it is well told and concise. 

The beginning tells the premise of your story. The middle outlines conflicts along the way. The end is the destination, revealing a small discovery, revelation, or insight.

Keep narration short and concise – explain more with less. Help the viewer imagine the scenario themselves instead of describing it for them.

Music is a great way to help tell your story. Ensure that it's royalty-free to avoid copyright violations. Below are resources to search for royalty-free music:

Vertical video format is preferred 

Upload video to Google Drive or Dropbox in either mp4 or MOV file formats 


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