“Over the last four years, I have been exposed to so many different cultures, many of which are represented in our diverse student body. I have loved trying new foods, learning new languages, and attempting to understand different views on social issues through the lenses of my classmates. I will always strive to be more culturally competent and accepting as a result of these experiences. They have colored my time at KU and enhanced my undergraduate experience immensely.”

―Shiva Pedram graduated with a degree in anthropology and her GAP certificate.


Kevin Tenny participated in the study abroad progam in Costa Rica.

“I chose to do GAP because it marked a globalization aspect to my engineering degree. I hope to one day work internationally, so I figured this program would be a good fit. I had already committed to going on a winter break study abroad in Costa Rica and noticed that it fulfilled one of the requirements. In looking at my DPR [Degree Progress Report], some of my transfer credits fulfilled the classroom portion, and my participation in Engineers Without Borders finished the final requirement to obtain GAP certification with Distinction.”

―Kevin Tenny earned GAP with Distinction and a degree in chemical engineering. He is a Ph.D. student in chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


“GAP co-curricular events helped me realize my interest in the Russian and Eastern European region. After attending the Department of State discussions at KU, I applied for and was accepted for a two-summer internship with the State Department. I am working at the U.S. Embassy in Poland this summer and hope to continue working in the government, specifically focusing on international issues and diplomacy.

As a U.S. Army veteran with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, I think the biggest takeaway from the wars was that we went in without understanding the culture of the people in those countries. Attending GAP events, broadened my knowledge of different cultures and removed many stereotypes. They gave me the opportunity to learn about international issues, cultures, governments and diplomatic relations without ever leaving the state of Kansas. It has also made me incredibly curious about the world around me.”

―Rebecca Rumptz  earned degrees in Global and International Studies and Strategic Communications along with her GAP certificate.



“Having the opportunity to explore many different cultures and countries through events, such as Polyglot and Japanese Language Table, as well as through my experiences studying abroad made me really appreciate the diversity of people and cultures in the world and at KU. Some of my favorite times were experiencing the different cultures and countries represented at the university.  The world is filled with new foods to try, unique histories to learn, and fascinating people to meet and befriend.

 As a person with immigrant parents and who had traveled outside the U.S., I had been exposed and experienced cultures beyond American culture. However, I had never had the opportunity to discuss and compare cultures with people my age from other countries. Being able to have frank conversations with students from Japan, Peru, China, and other nations in an informal setting was an amazing experience.” 

―Sanjay Parashar earned GAP with Distinction. After receiving his biology degree, he is attending medical school in the fall.

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