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The Global Awareness Program (GAP) facilitates global engagement through academic coursework, co-curricular involvement, and international experience.  The program is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Kansas who wish to supplement their degree with GAP certification on their transcripts. GAP prepares students to live, work, and lead in a global society while supporting KU's Common Core Goal 4: Respect Human Diversity and Expand Cultural Understanding and Global Awareness.  Established in 2003, GAP is the first certificate program offered at KU, and is proud to recognize and reward students for their participation in experiential learning for intercultural knowledge and communication.  To begin the process, click on the blue button to register, then read the Components to learn more!

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Earn GAP Co-curricular points for any of these events! Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas
"New Trends in Shadow States: How ISIS Could Reshape the Middle East" talk w/ State Dept's Haroon Ullah #ISIS http://t.co/OsAXi2ni2f
KU GAP Information Video For all KU undergraduate students, learn how to earn your certification in the Global Awareness Program! Our mission is to best prepare ourselves to live, work, and lead in an increasingly globalized society. With all the international opportunities at KU, we're also a great resource to learn about everything that's going on. Watch the video-clip or visit www.gap.ku.edu to learn more! You can search me up on Faceboook at KU Global Awareness Program or Gap Cody Case, and on Twitter @gapku.

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