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Submit your portfolio by August 15 for Summer 2015 transcript notation.  A new ePortfolio system will launch fall semester and transfer your courses but REQUIRE new entry of co-curricular activities, international experiences, and reflections. Please email for details.



  • Mission Statement: The Global Awareness Program recognizes students who demonstrate growth in cultural knowledge, expansion of international perspectives, and development of cross-cultural communications skills that prepare them to work and lead in today's interconnected world.   

  • GAP is open to all undergraduate students and shares the same learning outcomes as Core Goal #4.2: Respect human diversity and expand cultural understanding and global awareness. Learning Outcome 2: "Upon reaching this goal, students will be able to: Examine a variety of perspectives in the global community, distinguish one’s own cultural patterns, and respond flexibly to multiple worldviews."

Established in 2003, GAP is the first certificate program offered at KU, and is proud to recognize students for their participation in experiential learning for intercultural competence.  Scroll down to learn more!

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Complete two out of three components to become GAP certified, or complete all three components for Certification with Distinction  (Notated on Certificate only)  

Component A: Academic  

Click here for lists of courses that qualify.  If you are currently enrolled in a course, please add the grade you anticipate earning and we will verify that you received a C or above at the end of the semester.  

For U.S. students:

  • A minimum of 2 semesters of college-level study in the same modern foreign language (Latin and ancient Greek not accepted)


  • 3 courses with a modern, international focus (from 19th century forward) from 3 different departments (2 departments accepted for students in  STEM fields)

For international students:

  • Pass the English Proficiency Exam through the Applied English Center (AEC), or receive an English requirement waiver with test scores determined by Undergraduate Admissions.  International Students who are native English-speakers need to pass two semesters of a foreign language.  


  • TWO courses with a modern international focus and ONE course with a focus on history, culture, and/or society in the U.S.A.

Component B: Co-curricular Activities 

Engage in the many cultural activities at KU!

Earn credit for your international activities! In the portfolio, you can document the activity, date/location, point category, and email address of sponsoring organization.  *Starting August 15, we are changing the goal of this component to 20 hours of activities instead of a points system.  We require no other evidence of your attendance, but do expect you to reference details of the activities and what you learned in your reflection responses.  There are hundreds of international and cultural activities, performances, clubs, exhibits, lectures and events happening each semester. The four main categories are: clubs and organizations, events, volunteer activities, and language tables. For example, participate in Global Partners and earn 20 points per semester.  Find out about events through our Activities CalendarFacebook, or Twitter pages.  


Component C: International Experience 

Study abroad makes you smarter

As a U.S. student, you can complete this component by participating in any KU Study Abroad Program or by engaging in another form of international experience. This includes: participating on study abroad programs through other institutions, interning, participating in a service-learning project, or conducting research in other countries. For non-KU experiences, please fill out this petition on your experience and email it to us at  before registering and completing your portfolio. Following your international experience, just document the basic information in the online portfolio, answer reflection questions, and submit the portfolio.    

As an international student, we automatically accept your study at KU as an international experience. Thus, all you have to do is answer reflection questions on your experience in the U.S. through the GAP portfolio.   


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