Component C: International Experience



As a U.S. student, you can complete this component by participating in a KU-approved study abroad program for credit. After you return, you must answer 10 short-answer reflection questions on your experience in your ePortfolio.

If you participate in another form of international experience that lasts for at least one month in duration, and is pursued during your time at KU (i.e. high school trips are not accepted). Examples of non-KU programs include: interning abroad or conducting research abroad.  

  • You must fill out this petition on your experience and submit a letter from the participating organization that you completed the experience.

As an international student, we automatically accept your study at KU as an international experience.  You can complete this component by submitting the international experience item and answering reflection questions on your time here at KU.

If you are interested in studying abroad, please visit the Office of Study Abroad (OSA)

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