Mission Statement

The Global Awareness Program recognizes students who demonstrate growth in cultural knowledge, expansion of international perspectives, and development of cross-cultural communications skills that prepare them to work and lead in today's interconnected world.   

GAP shares the same KU Common Core Goal #4.2: "Respect human diversity and expand cultural understanding and global awareness" and Learning Outcome: "Upon reaching this goal, students will be able to: Examine a variety of perspectives in the global community, distinguish one’s own cultural patterns, and respond flexibly to multiple world views."

Component A: Academic

Click here for lists of courses that qualify.  You may include courses in which you are currently enrolled on the condition that you pass with a 'C' grade or higher.

U.S. students:

  • A minimum of 2 semesters of college-level study in the same modern foreign language (Latin and ancient Greek not accepted)  
  • AND 3 courses with a modern, international focus (from 19th century forward) from 3 different departments (2 departments accepted for students in STEM fields***See below for list of STEM)

International students:

  • Pass the English Proficiency Exam through the Applied English Center (AEC), or receive an English requirement waiver with test scores determined by Undergraduate Admissions.  International Students who are native English-speakers need to pass two semesters of a foreign language.  
  • AND TWO courses with a modern international focus and ONE Humanities or Social Science course.

Component B: Co-curricular Activities 

Engage in cultural activities at KU!

Earn credit for your international activities! In the portfolio, you can document the activity, date/location, time commitment,category, and email address of sponsoring organization. 

There are hundreds of international and cultural activities, performances, clubs, exhibits, lectures and events happening each semester. The four main categories are: clubs and organizations, events, volunteer activities, and language tables. Find out about events through our Activities CalendarFacebook, or Twitter pages. 

Component C: International Experience 

Study abroad makes you smarter

As a U.S. student, you can complete this component by participating in any Study Abroad program arranged by KU (Student Initiated programs included), and responding to 10 short-answer questions on your experience in your ePortfolio. 

Or, you may participate in another form of international experience that lasts for at least one month in duration during your time at KU (i.e. high school trips are not accepted).  Examples of non-KU programs include: participating in study abroad programs through other institutions, interning, participating in a service-learning project, or conducting research in other countries.  You must then fill out this petition on your experience, document the basic information in the ePortfolio, and submit reflection questions.

As an international student, we automatically accept your study at KU as an international experience.  You can complete this component by submitting the international experience item and answering reflection questions on your time here at KU.

If you are interested in studying abroad, visit the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) to find the right program for you.  For grant and funding information, visit the OSA's scholarships and financial aid page!  

*** Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fields:

>*     Clinical Laboratory Science: Clinical (Undergrad BS)

> *    Clinical Laboratory Science: Molecular Biotechnology (Undergrad BS)

> *    Community Health (Undergrad BSE)

> *    Computer Engineering (Undergrad BS)

> *    Computer Science (Undergrad BS)

> *    Electrical Engineering (Undergrad BS)

> *    Engineering: Undecided (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Engineering Physics: Aerospace Systems (Undergrad BS)

> *    Engineering Physics: Chemical Systems (Undergrad BS)

> *    Engineering Physics: Digital Electronic Systems (Undergrad BS)

> *    Engineering Physics: Electromechanical Control Systems (Undergrad BS)

> *    Exercise Science (Undergrad BS)

> *    Geography (Undergrad BGS)

> *    Geography: Geographical Information & Analysis (Undergrad BS)

> *    Geography: Physical Geography (Undergrad BS)

> *    Geology: Earth & Space Science (Undergrad BS)

> *    Geology: Engineering Geology (Undergrad BS)

> *    Geology: Environmental Geology (Undergrad BS)

> *    Geology: Geophysics (Undergrad BS)

> *    Geology: General Geology (Undergrad BA)

> *    Geology: General Geology (Undergrad BS)

> *    Information Systems: Human Resources (Undergrad BSB)

> *    Information Systems: International Business (Undergrad BSB)

> *    Information Systems: Supply Chain Management (Undergrad BSB)

> *    Information Systems (Undergrad BSB)

> *    Information Technology (Undergrad BS)

> *    Interdisciplinary Computing: Chemistry (Undergrad BS)

> *    Interdisciplinary Computing: Geography (Undergrad BS)

> *    Interdisciplinary Computing: Physics (Undergrad BS)

> *    Interdisciplinary Computing: Astronomy (Undergrad BS)

> *    Interdisciplinary Computing: Biology (Undergrad BS)

> *    Mathematics (Undergrad BA)

> *    Mathematics (Undergrad BS)

> *    Mechanical Engineering (Undergrad BS)

> *    Microbiology (Undergrad BA)

> *    Microbiology (Undergrad BS)

> *    Molecular Biosciences (Undergrad BS)

> *    Nursing (Undergrad BSN)

> *    Petroleum Engineering (Undergrad BS)

> *    Physics (Undergrad BA)

> *    Physics: Interdisciplinary Physics (Undergrad BS)

> *    Physics: Preprofessional (Undergrad BS)

> *    Pre-Education (Health & Physical Education) (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Pre-Education (Sport Science/Community Health) (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Pre-Health Professions (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Pre-Occupational Therapy (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Pre-Optometry (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Preclinical Laboratory Science (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Predentistry (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Prehealth Information Management (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Prelaw (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Premedicine (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Prenursing (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Prepharmacy (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Prephysical Therapy (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Prephysician (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Prerespiratory Care (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Preveterinary Medicine (Undergrad PREP)

> *    Respiratory Care (Undergrad BS)

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