GAP Courses

Numerous departments offer globally focused courses, providing flexibility in completing the 5 courses needed for GAP. Students will work with their advisor and the GAP coordinator to find courses tailored to their interests and goals. AP credit, transfer courses, and fluency in a foreign language all count for GAP.

Domestic Students

  • A minimum of 2 semesters of college-level study in the same modern foreign language (Latin and ancient Greek not accepted)
  • AND 3 courses with a modern, international focus (from 19th century forward) from 3 different departments (2 departments for STEM students)

International Students

  • Pass the English Proficiency Exam through the Applied English Center (AEC), or receive an English requirement waiver
  • AND TWO courses with a modern international focus and ONE course with a U.S. focus.

Native English-speakers need to pass two semesters of a foreign language.


KU Courses That Qualify For GAP Credit